To be released soon: Sonic Ensemble – Dark Story

Sonic Ensemble - Dark Story

Music-Description: Between Classical, Dark Ambient, Metal, Folkloristical and Industrial.
It’s narrative and has a plot. A drama.

The tunes:

One day in June
Two days before Sept. 11th
Greetings from Horst the Devil
Besieged by agitated unsettled Monks
Ellinga Karrulio
The Marriage Ceremony
O yeah, Baby
Doomy day
Try to get along
No hope

Release-Paarty!! Thomekk „Kleine Hoehle auf dem Berg“

Well, it took lots of work & now it’s finished:

The 1st CD by Thomekk – Kleine Höhle auf dem Berg

Here you can hear a preview of all the 19 Album-Tracks. Enjoy Thomekk’s world, greets by the monster:


Hopefully you had snourfigeous fun listening to the snippets, guys ’n girls 😉

You can find out more about the CD by reading Mello’s „Kleine Hoehle“ Track comments (sorry, right now in german only) plus a „cool“ Mellologe on Thomekk’s way of working things in music here (with three album-tracks for free download!)

Early unmastered versions of „Bob has gone“ & „Grausamer Sommer“ are still avaiable for free download there

If you like the music please order „Kleine Hoehle auf dem Berg“ (50 min. total) here

FahrscheinGefahr Mini-Album soon!

Although FahrscheinGefahr (the project with female deep voiced singer Kerstin Bohlin and Thomas Kallweit on production) isn’t continued anymore (perhaps it will, but who knows),
I decided that it would be a good thing to give the world some music and infos about this.
We have a Mini-CD ready, which will be released in the next months of 2007, possibly as a free download.

FahrscheinGefahr live

So for now, please have a look at:

Tired – a 3 continent Collab

Be warned:
This one is slow, countrylike and kitsch!
Best would have been if Johnny Cash would have sung it, but… hm, me sang 😉

The best of all: I got a little big help from my friends S.Hush and Watto! Thanks so much, guys for the lovely additions
So I’m lucky to announce that this is the first 3continent-collab I have been part of (Europe, America, Australia)!!


vocals, acoustic guitar
S.Hush: backing vocals, tremolo guitar, flute, strings
Watto: Piano, Rhodes