Sonic Ensemble – Dark Story


Announcement of the 1st ADF-publication of a Sonic Ensemble-AcousticMovie-Album!

The idea of Sonic Ensemble is to have music without words (mostly without real human vocals).
To be real “Dark Story” internally is CD N0. 4 by Sonic Ensemble – it’s the latest and most complex output of this idea..

Musical Description of “Dark Story”:
Lots between Classical, Dark Ambient, Metal, Folkloristical and Industrial.
It’s HEAVY LISTENING narrative and has a fictious plot.

—      Description of the aural Dark-Story   —


One day in June in some near future one certain person wakes up with a weary ugly world weariess having an uneasy sense of bad things coming.

He remembers that just two days before before september 11 2001 he had a similar strong and bad feeling of what was going to happen.

Now it’s time for the greetings from Horst the Devil to him, a relative he really hates. Horst oracles that he will marry in the next time.

Desertscape: He leaves his country and moves to a desert place and feels like a scapegoat.

In the desert he meets his to-be wife. She ‘s taking evil and cruel revenge on a woman who stole from her.

A horde of agitated unsettled monks besiege man and woman and force them to prepare for marriage

Everyone in Ellinga Karrulio is exhausted. The future bridal couple is trying – both of them hopefully in despair – to think positive.

The marriage ceremony is a very solemn event. No one hears a needle falling, no one dares to give a sound, no one is happy neither the bridal couple.

Though the newlyweds are not happy and probably don’t love each other, they are going to have a, oh yeah, baby.

Horst the devil promised that there will be a doomy day. Here it is. All monks and people get killed.

Both see that they are doomed. Inevitably

They try to get along as nearly the only survivors in Ellinga Karrulio.

They Fight to survive

Their child get’s ill. No hope

We love you. We pray for u


>>…A presentation of this work  is possible – but it needs help… eg. the collaboration with a choreopgrapher and/or a theatre director and some dancers – it should get on stage <<<