Sonic Ensemble – Unimportant laugher

A collection more on the depressing side. Core-theme here is about the interim, state between life and death. Also cheating the hangman. Some survived, others not.
Viewing from a distance on what is unavoidable and where nobody seemingly has the power to do anything against.The music is essentially slow, sometimes ugly slow. Maybe despite of that not for everyone. “There it goes” is the poppiest track. Some of this “could” be the score to some great movies – but I don’t have the connections..With real guitars, basses and lots of virtual instruments (strings, english horn, flute, piano, glockenspiel, choir, mellotron, synths, rarely beats…)There’s also a YouTubeChannel:


released October 25, 2019

Genres: Chamber, Dark TripHop, Classical, Soundtrack, Interim