Seen – Collab Thomekk/Watto

This is a online-collab I did together with the great singer Simon Watson (“Watto”) from Brisbane, Australia. I’m more than happy with the result 😉

“Seen was originally composed by Thomekk as a dark, brooding instrumental piece. Watto, after being asked to sing on it, was inspired to add a few things, take a few things away, add a few more things…and a collaboration was born.” (Watto)



Melusine wrote:
“This is one of this year’s highlights!”

christhomasscog wrote:
“I can hear the Radiohead influence and the Gorillaz influence and of course the thomekk influence. It’s a great track and I personally think that adding big booming drums to it would make it sound perhaps too much like some of the aforementioned acts, although it would make it a bit more commercial. I for one would pay money for this though, it’s haunting and different.”

Runagate wrote:
“Genius pop. Please consider revolutionizing pop so that the bar is set this high for all future generations. I’d appreciate it.”

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