This is the Unfinished Audio Lab (updated)

The idea (still)
You can find here some (downloadable) tunes – more or less finished, sometimes only short fragmented snippets – and if you like one of those, you can contact me for a possible coop.

Webspace is cheap these days, so it should not be a prob to work together on projects either if u are from europe or alaska 😉
NOTE: For FL Studio-Users it is either more easy. If someone is interested in a collaboration, I can put the flp-files here too.If u use only a simple wave-editor to record or use another host-program, no prob! Even if you do not record your stuff but write lyrics, ok!

Dance with me little eagle (3,6 Mb, 3:49 Min.)
Some easy going athmospheric tune with acoustic guitar, e-piano and rhythm-box. For sure this will get the selftiteld refrain, haha!    
Eagle Song
1000 People (1 Mb, 1:04 Min.)
With lyrics: “More than 1000 people would stay I was dreaming the other day” But they could be replaced by?    
Slow TripHop-Song
Running over Pt.1 (653 Kb, 0:40 Min.) Dark Ambient
Running over Pt.2 (775 Kb, 0:34 Min.)
Maybe Running over 1+2 could be added to one, but what else?
Dark Ambient
Antedated (2,7 Mb, 2:50 Min.)
Somebody likes to sing to this? Would be great!
Sad Ambient Song without vocals
New morning (2,8 Mb, 1:57 Min.)
The melody for vocals is already there. Anyone?
Song without vocals
Magick garden (1,9 Mb, 1:22 Min.)
Maybe this one is finished. And needs to be extended. No idea.
AmbientSong without vocals
Strange, what’s all happening (3,4 Mb, 3:34 Min.)
German lyrics exist for thisonly as a proposal…
This is a classical song, so come on!    
Full blown Song without vocals
Save my sun (1,2 Mb, 1:03 Min.)
Rap-Vocals appreciated, but not necessariliy, some singing would be enough.
AlternativeRockSong without vocals
Minerva (1,6 Mb, 1:22 Min.)
Unfinished songidea with a melodical Beach Boys theft included
Song without vocals
Night-Disco (2,4 Mb, 2:32 Min.)
I know the guitar is risky. Any ideas?
Keep it easy (3,2 Mb, 2:43 Min.)
Some soul´ful vocals very appreciated here!
80s DiscoSong without Vocals
JazzyBreakbeat (2,6 Mb, 2:47 Min.)
Maybe this is something for DJs as improvers 😉
Rain Hole (1,6 Mb, 1:20 Min.)
This is nearly classical music. Done with the Augur-Synth. Needs possibly Morricone-Vocals.
Instrumental/Movie music
Some Times (2,7 Mb, 2:54 Min.)
I imagine here a real “Kitsch” Song. I was stucked the 1/2 way round. The melody is very important to me, the vocals here could be deleted and replaced by..?
Slow Song with provisorical Vocals
Atheric Boy (3,6 Mb, 3:49 Min.) Dark World Ambient
Thx for listening and hopefully someone’s interest was invoked by some of the tunes. Don’t hesitate to send me any ideas! Otherwise these tunes will stay eventually unfinished. Would be bummer.                

You can find some of my recent Collaborations (via Internet or real lifey) here 😉

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