Release-Paarty!! Thomekk „Kleine Hoehle auf dem Berg“

Well, it took lots of work & now it’s finished:

The 1st CD by Thomekk – Kleine Höhle auf dem Berg

Here you can hear a preview of all the 19 Album-Tracks. Enjoy Thomekk’s world, greets by the monster:


Hopefully you had snourfigeous fun listening to the snippets, guys ’n girls 😉

You can find out more about the CD by reading Mello’s „Kleine Hoehle“ Track comments (sorry, right now in german only) plus a „cool“ Mellologe on Thomekk’s way of working things in music here (with three album-tracks for free download!)

Early unmastered versions of „Bob has gone“ & „Grausamer Sommer“ are still avaiable for free download there

If you like the music please order „Kleine Hoehle auf dem Berg“ (50 min. total) here

FahrscheinGefahr Mini-Album soon!

Although FahrscheinGefahr (the project with female deep voiced singer Kerstin Bohlin and Thomas Kallweit on production) isn’t continued anymore (perhaps it will, but who knows),
I decided that it would be a good thing to give the world some music and infos about this.
We have a Mini-CD ready, which will be released in the next months of 2007, possibly as a free download.

FahrscheinGefahr live

So for now, please have a look at:

Thomekk – Kleine Höhle auf dem Berg („small cave on the hill“) – 1st CD

CD work in progress. Hat momentan 19 Tracks, wovon u.U. ein paar rausfliegen.
Eigentlich gibt es mindestens drei Arten von Stücken: Popsongs, dunkle, böse Tracks und dann die Kinderlieder.

Zwischen sehr bewegt, unruhig, freundlich aber auch bedrohlich, immer fordernd aber auch hergebend.
Manchmal traurig, manchmal infantil fröhlich. Auch Geschichten erzählend, aber kein Muss.

Linernotes by Mr. Mellotronaut sind fertig. Vorausichtlich ready for public: Early 2007..

Tired – a 3 continent Collab

Be warned:
This one is slow, countrylike and kitsch!
Best would have been if Johnny Cash would have sung it, but… hm, me sang 😉

The best of all: I got a little big help from my friends S.Hush and Watto! Thanks so much, guys for the lovely additions
So I’m lucky to announce that this is the first 3continent-collab I have been part of (Europe, America, Australia)!!


vocals, acoustic guitar
S.Hush: backing vocals, tremolo guitar, flute, strings
Watto: Piano, Rhodes