Thomekk – Kleine Höhle auf dem Berg („small cave on the hill“) – 1st CD

CD work in progress. Hat momentan 19 Tracks, wovon u.U. ein paar rausfliegen.
Eigentlich gibt es mindestens drei Arten von Stücken: Popsongs, dunkle, böse Tracks und dann die Kinderlieder.

Zwischen sehr bewegt, unruhig, freundlich aber auch bedrohlich, immer fordernd aber auch hergebend.
Manchmal traurig, manchmal infantil fröhlich. Auch Geschichten erzählend, aber kein Muss.

Linernotes by Mr. Mellotronaut sind fertig. Vorausichtlich ready for public: Early 2007..

Tired – a 3 continent Collab

Be warned:
This one is slow, countrylike and kitsch!
Best would have been if Johnny Cash would have sung it, but… hm, me sang 😉

The best of all: I got a little big help from my friends S.Hush and Watto! Thanks so much, guys for the lovely additions
So I’m lucky to announce that this is the first 3continent-collab I have been part of (Europe, America, Australia)!!


vocals, acoustic guitar
S.Hush: backing vocals, tremolo guitar, flute, strings
Watto: Piano, Rhodes

Thomas Liebe

Thomas Liebe war lange Zeit ein künstlerisches Pseudonym für richtig lustige, mehr oder weniger schräge Songs (manchmal auch Schlager) mit mehr oder weniger bekloppten deutschen Texten.

Thomas Liebe

Alles fing an ca. 1990 mit der Band „Liebe“. Nachdem sich dieses mit hervorragenden Musikern besetzte Quintett nicht länger in dieser Form aufrecht erhalten ließ, beschloß Thomas Kallweit (der Bandleader/Songschreiber) sich fortan für seine deutschsprachigen Musikprojekte Thomas Liebe zu nennen – und solo aufzutreten.

Es folgten diverse Auftritte in Kaschemmen, Cafe’s, auf Open-Air-Festivals, in der Kanalisation usw.
Außerdem gab es diverse Cassettenveröffentlichungen, so wie zwei selbstproduzierte CDs („Die Wahrheit ist ein Anarchist“ (1996) und „Allen soll es gut gehn“ (2002).


FahrscheinGefahr – Laptop-Musik mit Gesang und Keyboards


Die Ausstattung ist rudimentär, die Musik dennoch opulent: Präsentiert mit Laptop und Keyboards entstehen dichte Arrangements aus traditionellen Instrumenten, elektronischen Beats und verspielten Soundeffekten und bestimmen eine Richtung, die manche auch POP-Musik nennen.Die Texte, vornehmlich in deutscher Sprache gehalten, behandeln knapp und oft zynisch-ironisch Themen wie das Dilemma zwischen Einsamkeit und sozialem Kontakt, Beziehungsdramen und alltägliche “Unfälle”.Obwohl manchmal rockiger und textlich bissiger wurden die Songs von FahrscheinGefahr mit denen von 2Raumwohnung und Rosenstolz verglichen.Thomas Kallweit, (Komposition/Text) erfindet und arrangiert Musik am liebsten am Computer, kann aber auch Gitarre spielen. Singt manchmal.Kerstin Bohlin (Gesang/Text) beschäftigt sich mit dem Ausdruck von Sprechtexten und Musik im Bereich Kunst und Theater-Darbietung.

FahrscheinGefahr – (“Ticket Danger”) – Laptop music based on keyboards and plain song

The equipment is quite rudimental, but nevertheless the music is opulent: laptop and keyboards care for high density arrangements generated from traditional instruments, electronic beats and frisky sound effects some people call “pop-music-style”.

Primarily in German language the lyrics define shortly and ironically subjects like the dilemma between solitude and social contact, relational dramas and all day “accidents”. Although the music of FahrscheinGefahr is more punk and the lyrics are more snappy – their songs have been compared with those of 2Raumwohnung and Rosenstolz.

Thomas Kallweit, (Composition/Lyrics/Arrangement) creates and arranges music mostly with his computer – but he likes also playing the guitar and sometimes he even sings.

Kerstin Bohlin, (Vocals/Lyrics) works with the expression and interplay of words, lyrics and music – performing it theatre plays and numbers as well as in art.

This is the Unfinished Audio Lab (updated)

The idea (still)
You can find here some (downloadable) tunes – more or less finished, sometimes only short fragmented snippets – and if you like one of those, you can contact me for a possible coop.

Webspace is cheap these days, so it should not be a prob to work together on projects either if u are from europe or alaska 😉
NOTE: For FL Studio-Users it is either more easy. If someone is interested in a collaboration, I can put the flp-files here too.If u use only a simple wave-editor to record or use another host-program, no prob! Even if you do not record your stuff but write lyrics, ok!

Dance with me little eagle (3,6 Mb, 3:49 Min.)
Some easy going athmospheric tune with acoustic guitar, e-piano and rhythm-box. For sure this will get the selftiteld refrain, haha!    
Eagle Song
1000 People (1 Mb, 1:04 Min.)
With lyrics: „More than 1000 people would stay I was dreaming the other day“ But they could be replaced by?    
Slow TripHop-Song
Running over Pt.1 (653 Kb, 0:40 Min.) Dark Ambient
Running over Pt.2 (775 Kb, 0:34 Min.)
Maybe Running over 1+2 could be added to one, but what else?
Dark Ambient
Antedated (2,7 Mb, 2:50 Min.)
Somebody likes to sing to this? Would be great!
Sad Ambient Song without vocals
New morning (2,8 Mb, 1:57 Min.)
The melody for vocals is already there. Anyone?
Song without vocals
Magick garden (1,9 Mb, 1:22 Min.)
Maybe this one is finished. And needs to be extended. No idea.
AmbientSong without vocals
Strange, what’s all happening (3,4 Mb, 3:34 Min.)
German lyrics exist for thisonly as a proposal…
This is a classical song, so come on!    
Full blown Song without vocals
Save my sun (1,2 Mb, 1:03 Min.)
Rap-Vocals appreciated, but not necessariliy, some singing would be enough.
AlternativeRockSong without vocals
Minerva (1,6 Mb, 1:22 Min.)
Unfinished songidea with a melodical Beach Boys theft included
Song without vocals
Night-Disco (2,4 Mb, 2:32 Min.)
I know the guitar is risky. Any ideas?
Keep it easy (3,2 Mb, 2:43 Min.)
Some soul´ful vocals very appreciated here!
80s DiscoSong without Vocals
JazzyBreakbeat (2,6 Mb, 2:47 Min.)
Maybe this is something for DJs as improvers 😉
Rain Hole (1,6 Mb, 1:20 Min.)
This is nearly classical music. Done with the Augur-Synth. Needs possibly Morricone-Vocals.
Instrumental/Movie music
Some Times (2,7 Mb, 2:54 Min.)
I imagine here a real „Kitsch“ Song. I was stucked the 1/2 way round. The melody is very important to me, the vocals here could be deleted and replaced by..?
Slow Song with provisorical Vocals
Atheric Boy (3,6 Mb, 3:49 Min.) Dark World Ambient
Thx for listening and hopefully someone’s interest was invoked by some of the tunes. Don’t hesitate to send me any ideas! Otherwise these tunes will stay eventually unfinished. Would be bummer.                

You can find some of my recent Collaborations (via Internet or real lifey) here 😉